Good vibrations

I wonder how the honeybee feels in the quiet company of the hornet. For if everything in the universe vibrates, I can imagine that the beating of bigger wings should make our humble bee feel quite out of sorts. There are moments when I wonder if time passes through me differently than everyone else. I dig my heels in against what others will forward. I … Continue reading Good vibrations

The snow globe

The skyline becomes more obscure as the snowfall moves in on our position. Cozied between these glass walls in bed as the world prepares for ice and flurries. The hours move like hands gliding through hot bath water. They’re deliberate and lush. They needn’t contain more than that tenuous truth to be among the most priceless I’ve ever passed. The snowflakes begin their delicate waltz … Continue reading The snow globe

Little words

Little words, and the absence of, change whole meanings, whole days, whole worlds. Tipped like placid scenes in snow globes from despondent tapping. Their meanings are seldom derived from their plain usage, but we assign them such severity. Little words, or the absence of, separate us from the tethers of sanity. And that’s because little words take deep root in feelings we did not know … Continue reading Little words

What will be

The purple velvet of the crepe myrtles has long since fallen and washed away. Their flowers littered the ground like a fuchsia carpet before the golden leaves of fall blew in. The rains came and glaciated to their naked branches in clear coats. They shimmy in the wind now, clacking their frozen tendrils together like bamboo wind chimes. The world is quiet and untouched apart … Continue reading What will be

the melancholy of something wonderful

It’s like being attached to a balloon, but with a dark figure on your back. You’re still rising, in fact you’re soaring. But there’s something in your periphery, something with hands around your throat to weigh you down. It’s the melancholy of something wonderful. The abundance of happiness so profound it makes you fearful. You’ve lent yourself out in return for these bounties and now … Continue reading the melancholy of something wonderful


I wonder if you know the power you have. That I have afforded it to you so easily. How quickly I digress from the programming I was sure was hardwired. It’s a comfort to know that my migratory patterns can be diverted. I’m not sure I’d ever care where I was going if I was alongside you. It’s not something that I rue, but it … Continue reading consolations

coded messages

The oil swirls in the water. Two full hours ripe for slaughter. Empty in all regards but substance, they’re saturated with notes of you like a rich merlot. They nibble at my senses just the same, too. I chafe against the bit in my mouth, at the concept of waiting to claim the future. It’s a foolish squirm, the world that I want is unfolding … Continue reading coded messages