The blizzard

As January took its leave of us, February promised good fortune. So much of the world was fresh, even aside from the nascency of a new year. It felt open for the taking, absolutely ripe for the picking. I was sure that February was the month in which so much that was burgeoning would truly begin. But February brought rains and then the rains gave … Continue reading The blizzard

Beyond the veil

It’s little things. Mornings that arrive warm and still. Hours that pass like air through a breezeway instead of like an ocean through a bottleneck. The corners of lips as they flicker. New words. Old words repurposed. It’s not a sudden change, you only know you’ve left once you’ve arrived. In much the same way that spring overpowers winter, suddenly everything is different. The world … Continue reading Beyond the veil

The most human

Loving is the most worthwhile thing we can do. We aren’t brought into being to win prizes or earn titles or accrue money. But we do come into the world with an innate sense of loving. We seek bonds with everyone around us; our kin, our friends, our lovers. We deepen them, nourish them, we mourn them when they go. It’s the only thing in … Continue reading The most human

Fool’s Gold

A brief pause from my ornately worded overthinking to herald some good news: my debut book, a collection of poetry and prose, was published today. Fool’s Gold is now available in paperback and for Kindle. You can find her here. I love the word ‘fool’. It’s so often used as an insult, a disparagement. But I think there’s something whimsically wonderful about being a fool. … Continue reading Fool’s Gold