Bad habits

I’ve got a bad habit of falling in love with art I can’t afford. Of playing the same song a thousand times. Of rewinding to the same parts over and over. I’ve got a bad habit of sticking my heels into the ground until they’re planted like hundred-year-old oak trees. Of getting an idea in my head and immediately cashing it in. Of becoming consumed … Continue reading Bad habits

Midnight sun

Fireworks may be magic, but they’re a fleeting one. Momentary shows of light, they dazzle us for mere seconds and then they’re gone. What remains in their wake is a haze of smoke that hangs around our shoulders. It smudges out everything behind it. It’s a disorienting ending to a decently mystified diversion. Obfuscating and concealing. We take steady flames for granted. We tire of … Continue reading Midnight sun

The Composite

It’s the fingers of fresh sunrays stroking an Earth untouched this day. It’s the thrill and fear of a good drop. It’s the deafening noise of a waterfall. It’s the startling silence of a still forest. It’s the warmth of spring’s first emergence. It’s the shiver down your spine on the penultimate day before fall. It’s the tender but all consuming wonder of a butterfly … Continue reading The Composite


I could just burst, and perhaps I might. Like a good blackberry in the August heat. Perhaps I need not spill my ripened truths onto anything, but out into the open. I feel like could rush, like a charged wave, if only just to end upon a craggy shore. My skin burns with the anticipation, like it does on an unfiltered September day, I’m willing … Continue reading Goodness

In season

Maybe the moments can pass like sweet molasses. Slow and rich and sickly sweet. Perhaps they can coat my palette with an endless puckering, perhaps they can linger in the way that only pure things do. I like this dance, I’d just never gotten the rhythm right. It’s just occurred to me, you can have all the time in the world, if you’d just slow … Continue reading In season