I wonder how many things you say that you think are stupid but make me smile. I wonder how many times you chide yourself in your head while I’m smiling along to the luminous hum of your presence. I wonder how often you try to find some perceived twinge in my smiles. I wonder how often you wonder if I am anything less than joyous … Continue reading wildflowers

So fortunate

How fortunate am I to adore something so completely it makes me ache. To feel sore from using the muscles of my heart so entirely. How rapturing to want so certainly a future full of this that I’m almost afraid to look. How desperately lucky am I to care so profoundly it eats me alive. This is what is most true and most worthwhile. I … Continue reading So fortunate

Blackberry winter

We only see pinpricks. Distasteful, inconsequential blips in the bigger picture. There’s a big wide world outside of what we hone in on. We’re practically up to our ears in possibilities outside of the one that transfixes us. Rosebuds peer above our downtrodden heads, and still our eyes droop to the thorns. The sky glows cornflower in a unflecked brilliance but our gaze casts to … Continue reading Blackberry winter

March 3rd

HenryI’ve forgotten your last namebut the faded inkstill binds you to my wrist. HenryI’ve forgotten your birthdaybut each December 7thmy thoughts drift to youas the night gets late. HenryI became the person you thought you knewhiding here behind her shadowyou never really got to meet her. HenryI’ve found other ways to lift my heartI don’t go looking for shifting shapesI don’t settle for little favors … Continue reading March 3rd

A chrysalis of good intentions

A chrysalis of good intentionsHow they diminish at my feetSuch potential for beautiful ascensionsIt spills forth with great replete. What I have requires little handlingBut I roll it forth between my fingersBehind it I’m left scramblingIf only I’d let it linger. I’ll invite such veracity into awarenessWithout my judgement’s callAnd what may come of this fairnessI will fall. Perhaps I will fallAnd fallAnd fall. Continue reading A chrysalis of good intentions

Cool devotions

I feed the pit inside me off of unfairness. It’s unfair of me to harvest my fears from the sources that give me so many reasons to not place doubt. I see how the world around me unfolds in serendipitous and reassuring ways, the path that’s being laid before me by their unfurling petals promising and beautiful. And I am so desperately happy that the … Continue reading Cool devotions

I think you might be

Sometimes it takes little more than returning to the Earth. Than laying our blanched bodies before the springtime sun and allowing it to work its way into the knots of our corrupted skin. Sometimes it merely takes reminding, that somewhere in the world vines wind their way up fields with fealty. Somewhere in the world, the greatest passions of our lives lay dormant in pockets. … Continue reading I think you might be