Hi, I’m Azalea. I’m a 26 year old writer, ballerina, animal collector, and hopeless fill-in-the blanks. Romantic, optimist, trier.

I’m based in Austin, Texas with my girl troupe of quadrupeds – Bean, Bing Bong, and Crouton. I while away my days here on my day job in publishing, trying to perfect the pirouette, and every night I write. What started as a disciplinary effort became a ritual.

What it blossomed into was a collective of mini worlds. Stars in my sky that, when combined, create a map of the space that I take up. What haunts my dreams, lights my day, and fuels my fires? Tune in at 10:30 when it will pour out of me with abandon.

So this is my challenge. I will write every night and I will share it here for you to plot for yourselves. What secrets do you conspire with in the dark? Maybe they’re the same as mine. Join me as I attempt, as I always do, to find some beauty in a monsoon, some progress in a day of backpedaling or a current in the still waters.