Little matches light big fires

Heavenly tethers that make the world hang in the cosmos, hold me down. What divine scales balance out all things in kind, find some parity in the singularity of my heart. When cold shadows paint my world in harsh relief, spring for me some light from the ether. I await your prophetic torch to cut a path through even the narrowest obscurities. 

In this boundaryless void, I cry out for answers to questions that sit burgeoning somewhere quiet. They prick at my consciousness as they break through the hallowed ground of my mind. Their life source and mine are twin suns, we can’t both feed without starving the other. Simple answers to well intentioned questions is all I require but there simply aren’t solutions yet to queries that haven’t yet decided their fate.

Destinationless roads find me passing the same scenery. I use all the power in my limited human existence to find another way. But in predictable worlds that are governed by unpredictable beings, all paths find themselves at the same crossroads. Are our choices arbitrary distractions to keep us from looking out the window? I find myself wondering if the only way to jump the tracks is to crash the train. 

Here I am in late hours under dim lights. The rising and falling of little rib cages. We live for our little plights. We’re tormented souls looking for peace but we beguile it when we acquire it for a cheap thrill. Is life little more than our arbitrary quandaries? My endless pursuit for just the right equation to equilibrium, a sham of my cognitive dissonance. We’ve constructed a paper mache world with the precision of surgeons and we light our little matches with the carelessness of sprites.

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