May I offer you some unsolicited advice?

No. No you may not. The very nature of your question includes the answer. Unsolicited. You knew before you began that I wasn’t seeking your counsel. What comes next is not an effort in my best interest, it is a pageant of self-righteousness. It’s the selfish unloading of a personal opinion rooted neither in context or in fact. Every day, I am appalled by the … Continue reading May I offer you some unsolicited advice?


I squirm inside the notion of imperfectly showing up for those whom I need. Banking on their love, the ever-moving embankment of grace; perhaps they don’t stick around for my little favors, maybe it’s enough that I show up at all. What an alien concept, a strange and simple idea. My life pulled tight and thin like canvas over a plethora of things to which … Continue reading Crossroads


I wonder how many things you say that you think are stupid but make me smile. I wonder how many times you chide yourself in your head while I’m smiling along to the luminous hum of your presence. I wonder how often you try to find some perceived twinge in my smiles. I wonder how often you wonder if I am anything less than joyous … Continue reading wildflowers