Caught in the voids

You entirely miss the substance of life when you’re only looking through the holes. When you gaze upon a beautiful piece of lace, do you see the pattern that the silk creates or do you stare absently at where the silk is missing? Do you judge a masterpiece solely by the stretches of cornflower sky or do you let it enrich the landscape as a whole?

Naturally, when you look for what there is not, all you will find is absence. When you dwell where the light can’t shine, you cannot then be stupefied that all there is is darkness. Put yourself in the way of remarkable things and you will bear witness to unforeseeable and undeniable truths. Find the patterns created around the obscurities of your life. See how all of the lightness you still have yet to enjoy swirls joyously around the twilights of your days. Unfocus your vision and see how the tessellation that is your life works in inspired ways you hadn’t yet imagined.

Life will never be without gaps, it will never be a constant stream of light. We know this and yet we rebuke it. Despair is as naturally occurring a circumstance as bliss. Our days will always be speckled with an assortment of happenstances. We will never meet a sunset untarnished from what its rise brought in. But the great beauty of lace is borne of its holes. Our lives are little more than the Merletto di Cantù of Lake Como, being spun everyday by our futile hands. Every once in a while, we must look up from our work and admire the patterns we callously weave for what they are as a sum. 

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