In season

Things will feel right when they are. It’s true of all things. The pear is not soft and sumptuous until ripe and the rain lily won’t bloom in a drought. Good things aren’t meant to be forced. Explorers have learned for too long that the visage of an oasis in the desert is often a delusion of madness and not a reason to press on. 

Allow yourself the patience to ripen like you would a good peach. Understand that the conditions might not yet be ideal for your petals to unfold. Don’t slog on against inertia because you’re hoping it will get better. Find better now. Pinpoint the parts of yourself that are ready for harvest. Enjoy the fruits of your life that are in season.

Revisit the pieces of you that are burgeoning in the dark soil of your soul. Resow what could not be yet reaped. Tend to your tender nursery the same as you would any other thing with delicate roots. Treat the wounded, aching parts of yourself with heavy handed patience and good will. Trust that when they’re ripe for the picking, when the conditions are just right, you will feel it is so. And as such, their yields will be sweeter and their labors will be validated.

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