The fallacy of fatigue

We all have a choice, every day that we take breath. We can choose to find new homes for our pain in the people we meet, or we can let it fall off our shoulders naturally as we continue forward. And every day that we choose the former is a day when we bestow misery back into the world. The same misfortune that we have since cursed, tumbling on to someone else. And the cycle restarts.

It’s easy to find some sense of entitlement in each day. The feeling that we’re owed a certain amount of leniency. But we’ve never accepted toxins being poured into the world before, it seems unlikely that we’ll start now. We’ve all had traumas, but I don’t use mine to level the world. I don’t believe that anyone must carry what I have to know that life is hard. It does not ease my burden to heavy the load of someone else.

Each day that the sun rises over our rising chests, we have a choice. That day, we can take a step further under the weight of our sorrows. We can prove to yesterday that there is more yet that is uncharted. Or we can lighten our load, skim some of our misery off the top to serve to the next in line. One makes the world seem possible, one makes us resilient. The other condemns us to a cycle of siphoning and suffering. Choose wisely each day that the world brings you back for.

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