Proverbs for the weekend

If I spend my days consumed with death then I have already forfeited my life. It doesn’t do to debate reality. The house always wins. There is no resolution to that argument that will bring you peace. In the end, dying is easy. It happens all the time. Living is much harder. Living well, even, is a never ending challenge. The way I see it, you could barrel towards an inevitability, afraid and suspicious, or you could make the harder choice everyday to do something in spite of it. Make art today, even if death awaits you tonight. Take another step today, even though it is in the dark. Don’t allow the platitude of “life is short” to cripple you where you stand. Don’t ever become apathetic to the time you’ve been granted. It isn’t all meaningless because it will end. It is inherently meaningful because it won’t last.

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