Many impossible things are accomplished simply by doing a one possible thing first. Many impossible things made possible by deciding to try it anyway. Each new step unlocks another sealed door until, suddenly, the way is clear. You cannot find hope that the darkness will break if you do not first strike a match. You will never get your bearings if you don’t use that simple flame to light a torch. You will never know what you cannot know if you don’t utter your professions to the universe.

Wonderful things, impossible things, are claimed everyday simply by asking. It may seem there isn’t enough for you every time you are told no. It’s easy to believe your day will never come. And then it does. Dejection serves no other purpose than to stroke the ego. By accepting rejection, you ensure it. Nothing ever comes to those who snub it. But continue to call it to you, and one day it will be yours. 

Complicated things unwind themselves. Hidden corners are revealed. Little miraculous delights delivered everyday. Should you endeavor towards them, should you seek them out, should you ask. Life is not a thing to be experienced, it is one to knead and shake and fiddle with. Those who sit back and assume to leave empty handed shall have their prophecy. But those who incite it will have more than they can carry.

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