When we traipse through the day, we’re surprised that dark things lurk about. When we wander through the night, we’re startled by the presence of light. Maybe we’re all or nothing creatures. We understand things on spectrums of likeness. At that gooey center where we’re all inherently good, perhaps there is still yet a naïveté about us. We’re not built to recognize the presence of extremes.

Each day that passes is weighed out by its good and bad moments, and majority rules. It was either primarily lovely or not. Perhaps it makes more sense to celebrate moments of joy as they unfold, rather than measuring its contents as a lump sum. But we find it hard to parse. All that coal that surrounds the diamond dims its shine. We’re hardwired to filter out the negatives to enjoy the positives, but we get clogged.

In the end, it’s not all good and it’s not all bad. It’s simply all life, and that is something worthy in and of itself.

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