Little fissures

Accept fragility. Don’t strain to confine what will spill forth anyway. Don’t summon reserve courage to save face in the light of worthless expectations. There are moments to be strong, to muscle forth despite good sense. And there are moments when it becomes unnecessary posturing. Under a crescent moon, in a warmly lit courtyard, with only the night as host, let it be too much. Let something small tip the cargo you’re carrying. Let it fall at your feet. Let your tears meet them. Be human, here, in the company of fleeting lights.

If you have people in your life who are offering you love in spite of your failings, accept the love. If you have not yet depleted all sources of grace, even though you continue to falter, accept the grace. The world will continue to burden your load, one delicate feather at a time. They won’t ever stop falling, you don’t have the luxury of a well deserved break. And that is why we need the graciousness of those around us, why we’ll never be able to appreciate the enormity of their love. 

There is no time to rest and there is no blue moon to change a human heart. So you’ll have to accept the grace. Accept the love.

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