A chink in the armor

It’s not so hard to live faithfully to your compass. It is ourselves who have gotten lost. The trees around us started to look familiar, the way still hadn’t cleared and we had walked so far. We began to think we were being lied to. We should be there by now. We abandoned the blind faith we had come armed with and chose to decipher what we could see with our eyes. We drew our own conclusions, made our own map, and got hopelessly lost.

It takes a long time for a human to talk down their foolish pride. If we only had one more day we’d could find our way out of it. It’s only once we’ve convinced ourselves of ten new realities that we go back to where we started. To devolve to the simple seems too easy a choice, too obvious a path. We start to suspect that it might be a trick. What world could humans anticipate where games are not involved? Could it be so plain that something may exist and it may not be a pitfall?

To live, exactly the way we want to, exactly the way we feel is right, has become the risky choice. In our fabricated world of invisible walls and unseeable prizes, we’ve been conditioned to expect a fight. We don’t want things to come too easily to us, it is no longer our way. So we don’t say exactly what we feel, we don’t plow ahead towards exactly what we want. We struggle and drown in an overcomplicated world, one that we’ve designed that way. We don’t know to hope for more simply by seeking less.

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