unexpected magic

A sudden snow flurry in the Texas hill country. It’s welcomed in with delightful protestations and it decided to stay for the afternoon. It bestows upon its gracious hosts seven hours of quietly falling magic. It blankets our scorched earth with its tender offering. It dots the sky with impairing frequency. It brings to a warm, quiet place it’s special brand of wonder. And like a good guest, is sure not to overstay its welcome.

How such an unexpected guest can flip a Sunday on its head. Mornings usually assigned a duty roster are vacated for hot coffee in front of the window with a gentle song on repeat. Hours of aimless consumption replaced with meandering moments with no particular destination, only the hope to spend as long as possible in the presence of grandeur. It’s a disorienting magic, the kind those unexpected guests have. Captivated by a hypnotic idea of how the world can be. It leaves you a little drunk, it keeps you a little hungover.

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