The backseat

I am counting on gut feelings and the secret passageways of the universe to ferry me towards all that I’m meant for. Those moments that don’t make sense at all but call for a sense of urgency. Those loose ends that take months to tie themselves together into something divine and unforeseeable. I’m done forcing corner pieces together with unrelenting frustration. Never again will ignore the screaming of my own body. I will make no excuses for things that don’t make any offers I can validate. I am putting all my trust into the faceless faithful things that have proved time and time again that I am so seldom at the wheel. I will pour an inexhaustible essence into those boundary-less forces and I will find grace in their outcomes. Be it small or large, I won’t ignore what is emitting warning lights and I won’t hesitate at the thresholds of things that beckon me in. Backdoors that lead me to where I’m meant to be and not through what I shouldn’t waste breath upon.

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