You build what you have, and if you don’t build what you need, you’ll always be in the wrong place.

If happiness isn’t a place, it’s a blueprint. A detailed mapping of all the synapses that fire when you’re aglow. All the necessary nooks and crannies that fill your heart with joy. And if you construct a life that’s supported by all of these things, you’ll never be without. It seems easy. Simple scaffolding that holds us together with little beams of bliss. But no one accounts for how easy it is for happiness to be camouflaged.

Anyway, there were many places I thought were happiness until I realized that everything I had, I built. And I never built anything I needed. I tore it all down, scrapped it all, I started over. And thank god for that, because I have always been in the wrong places. But I think this is right, this time. I think this is the place

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