A purgatory of excellence

If this feeling were a place, I think I could settle in here comfortably being in such crowded company. Together we’d bask in the unfiltered sun and we wouldn’t even mind that we were going blind. We’d sing all the songs, gaze at all the art, read all the books that were borne of our shared weakness. Perhaps it’s not so unpleasant a place to be in, this valley between the rocky shore and the even grasslands. A vacation destination for those with unflinching hearts and green souls. We return with the seasons to resume our endless pining. If this feeling were a place, I wonder if I’d find you here too, and if we’d know something more of each other.

It’s perhaps the most beautiful I’ve been in, it’s brought me perhaps the most new wonder. The hills of Tuscany, the back streets of Paris, the quiet center of the Caribbean Sea, all dives in comparison to the tremendous beauty of the intangible. If I had a choice of weigh stations, I’d always choose this one. This in-between. This sweet, ill advised drop off. This unparalleled vantage for the best that life has to offer. Here, in this moment, face to the wind, there’s nowhere else I’d choose to be. Over and over and over.

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