The Composite

It’s the fingers of fresh sunrays stroking an Earth untouched this day. It’s the thrill and fear of a good drop. It’s the deafening noise of a waterfall. It’s the startling silence of a still forest. It’s the warmth of spring’s first emergence. It’s the shiver down your spine on the penultimate day before fall. It’s the tender but all consuming wonder of a butterfly migration. It’s the uneasy incredulity of a rolling laugh. It’s the breathlessness before a world altering day. It’s high hopes that maintain their altitude.

It’s the conspiring of every moment before this. The convergence of all the people we’ve been into exactly what needed to be. It’s a divine conglomeration of all the joyous moments we had before. It’s something wonderfully familiar but indescribably new. It’s a turning point, a mile marker. It’s a crossroads. Everything from now will always be something else because we’ve been here.

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