So much better

I’d lay on the beach in my finest silks next to you. In a ball gown. In a wedding dress. I’d bake, just like I did, in my black designer skirt again if only just to see the scant cornflower between your fingers as you shield my naked eyes from the sun. The oversaturated red edges of your skin obscuring the clouds. From this cocoon … Continue reading So much better


Yesterday my second collection of poetry and prose was published. Crossroads is available now and you can find it here. In more ways than not, my life is different now. Different from when Fool’s Gold found its way into the world earlier this year, different from the time I opened this blog, so different from this time last summer it’s dizzying. In 2021 alone, my … Continue reading Crossroads


Once I was something resembling balance. Well fed and well kept, ruled by frivolous rules and order. But that’s long since not been true. Now I’m a stray, getting closer and closer to feral. I’m not sure which roof I’ll find myself under, when I’ll taste my first food of day. Only in sleep do I resemble the thing I once was. But everything else … Continue reading stray

May I offer you some unsolicited advice?

No. No you may not. The very nature of your question includes the answer. Unsolicited. You knew before you began that I wasn’t seeking your counsel. What comes next is not an effort in my best interest, it is a pageant of self-righteousness. It’s the selfish unloading of a personal opinion rooted neither in context nor in fact. Every day, I am appalled by the … Continue reading May I offer you some unsolicited advice?