The most human

Loving is the most worthwhile thing we can do. We aren’t brought into being to win prizes or earn titles or accrue money. But we do come into the world with an innate sense of loving. We seek bonds with everyone around us; our kin, our friends, our lovers. We deepen them, nourish them, we mourn them when they go. It’s the only thing in … Continue reading The most human

Fool’s Gold

A brief pause from my ornately worded overthinking to herald some good news: my debut book, a collection of poetry and prose, was published today. Fool’s Gold is now available in paperback and for Kindle. You can find her here. I love the word ‘fool’. It’s so often used as an insult, a disparagement. But I think there’s something whimsically wonderful about being a fool. … Continue reading Fool’s Gold

A delicate order

The world is little more than a delicate layering of power. Those who have it, those who want it, those who trade in it. Whether we think of ourselves as formidable or not, the way we move everyday is defined by an undertow of ascendency. Our simple movements are a black market for any semblance of sovereignty we can get. Because we always think that … Continue reading A delicate order


Such a feverishly longed for breath, the one that comes when the world evens out. The fifty degree winds that ride off the back of Spring’s first peek at the world. The tenderly accosting spray of a great body of water. To feel something silvery moving through the parts of your body that were closed off from contortion. Your rib cage opens like grand gates … Continue reading Azureous