near miss

I wonder if I was ever closer to you than that train platform in Queens. I wonder where I was when you were falling in love with someone else. What I was thinking about when you had your first kiss. I wonder if I was laughing while your heart was breaking. I wonder how many moments you were marveling at the moon at the same … Continue reading near miss


Wherever you’re at, there’s lots of us here with you, too. There’s only so much I can divine from your absence. I hope you know I pick the meat from your words and the marrow from your silence. I hope you know that with my silence comes a lot of meaning. From my docileness, a resignation. I stay busy but I’m not full; I’m merely … Continue reading Singular

and now what?

It beckons me, the setting sun. It says not today, I’ll see you tomorrow. But someday you’ll accompany me over the horizon, and then a day will dawn that you won’t see. The culmination of all my life is an ending. Many endings it seems. All that I have now, I will have to part with. Eventually the pieces of my life will fall away. … Continue reading and now what?

the hypothesis

I don’t have the answers. I don’t know what will make me happier, make you freer. I don’t know what collection of things will make this easier. I don’t know what I want. Perhaps we choose the path of most resistance when we center our worlds around something we can’t harness. Maybe there’s never a mixture that keels evenly over time. Maybe it’s always volatile … Continue reading the hypothesis

10 miles in manhattan

Do you know the sensationwhere you can pick out one soundthrough the discord of a busy street?I think that’s love. One perfect harmony surroundedby white noise.A magnetic pull so strongit disrupts your polesand realigns your beingto reassign your north star. And most days I’m nothing but dazzled by its bellow;The one cry in the universemeant for me. And on others I can’t help but fretthat I … Continue reading 10 miles in manhattan

Sweet balsamic

It’s strange, the way the mind’s eye works. That it’s only when something gets deeper, that everything around it becomes less obscured. Or the way that the longer something lingers, it becomes less heady and potent. It seems to defy logic, the way our minds catch up with the world around us. Without a still point to spot, we’re merely trying to untangle all that … Continue reading Sweet balsamic