Angels are near

Some nights, we simply can’t sit still. There’s too much magic in the air, too many things firing inside of us, too many small moments that we must explore. 

What good will idle watching do? What can some pixelated distraction give me that this wonderful night can’t? This divine evening that was planned to the last detail by the silent angels that walk among us. Cool September breezes, warm black teas, twinkling lights, soft rain. 

What company could I hope to keep beyond adoring animals, who built their world around mine. What universes should I wish to contemplate besides the ones that flow out of me in thousands of words. What other culmination of things should I be so bold to wish for that would best the constellations I am dancing among right now.

How could I simply stand by? I can imagine no world where my weary feet could be too tired to bear another evening of dancing. I can conjure no conglomeration of images that would peel me from what’s presently unfolding. There simply is no reality where a night on a couch could be sufficient for my fluttering heart. 

And may I never lack for restless nights. May I never stop outgrowing what once sustained me. With any luck, I’ll be two sizes too big for all that contents me right now. Should I be so fortunate that this is the first of many nights where magic lingers in the air with the scent of warm fresh fallen rain.

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