To see something joyous

There is so little that is real and truly joyous in this world that we are beyond elation when we see it. We run into roads to see rainbows and crouch on the ground to witness the flight of the butterfly. We’ll drive for hours, sit like tinned sardines on a plane for whole days, pack into boats, pay admission fees, shell out for people to escort us themselves, just to see something joyous. 

Come one, come all for the rarest gem the earth can offer: something simply honestly good! You don’t want to miss this! The show is starting! Detach yourself from the limitlessness of technology, modern society and man made wonder to stare without purpose or greater meaning at something no human could ever emulate. 

How diminishing that we have the entire world at our hands, on demand and there is nothing we can make for ourselves that will match the mighty waterfall. How awakening that we live lives designed to tantalize us at every waking moment and turn and the sight of a truly marvelous cloud in the sky is what makes our days.

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