The mustang and the freight train

Letting go of the things that aren’t meant for you is so unnatural to humans perhaps because we have a complex inside of us that tells us that we are meant for everything. Every cell of the human body is propelled forward with reckless abandon under the impression that no situation leads to an ending. It is simply a delta that routes up back to open waters.

We’re scrappy, a credit to our once primal nature. We’ll find avenue after avenue to escape the bad will of our mistakes. And many times, it works. We seem to be guided by some supernatural force that tends to work itself out. 

But we are driving hotwired cars that aren’t rigged for cross country road trips. We’ve got maybe 80 years until the wheels fall off. We’re riding around in burners with starry eyed dragsters at the helm. Our minds say green light while our bodies say checkered flag.

And so we’re not accustomed to the idea that there is no back street, there is no hail Mary, there is no finessing that can massage a circle into a square. We chafe against the idea that there are things in life we’re not meant to have because we are willing to do anything to have them. But the one thing that we can’t do is change our nature. A mustang could never keep pace with a freight train and bunnies don’t dance with wolves.

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