It’s all the same to me

Some days you hit every red light, every traffic jam. Your power goes out and pest control doesn’t come and the hornets have commandeered the patio. Some days your mailbox gets jammed, you didn’t get the memo, someone steals your parking spot. Your boss gives you his work too, the odds are stacked against you, you messed up the punchline.

But some days, your credit score goes up 20 points. You find a heads up penny, you nail a presentation, your hard work pays off. Some days, you get the email you’ve been hoping for, the shoes go on sale, your friends show up at exactly the right time. A refund check comes in the mail, you get a well deserved day off, a moment of clarity.

Everyday is a struggle to not get the bends when you come up for air. Bobbing on a boundaryless sea, sometimes keeping the horizon in view is impossible while you’re working to keep the salt water out of your mouth. But a wave will come, it will crest with magnificent prowess. It’s caps can lift you above the ceaseless rocking, at a height where you can find the shore. Take it. Ride the wave. But only with the knowledge that it’s swell will die and it will rejoin the unending bobbing sea.

We are not mere buoys. Life is not a long day at sea, waiting for a wave to come, even when it feels that way. The waves are not the only upside of life. It’s all made of the same stuff, it’s all one divine cycle that grows and flows and takes many shapes. Sometimes it elevates you and sometimes it swallows you. Sometimes the waves come, ride them while you may. And in the meantime, keep your eyes on the horizon. Many wonderful things manifest from it.

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