Have a nice life

When someone tells you to have a nice life, do it. Don’t get insulted, don’t chafe against it, don’t attach any negative thoughts to it whatsoever. Do it. Go out into the world, beyond the hostility of their murky atmosphere, and have a nice life. 

Enjoy your sovereignty from the confines of anger. Breathe the free air of a world not governed by grudges. Feel every intentional footfall in the sand as you make measured, deliberate strides forward. And enjoy your life. 

We lick our wounds so fiercely we forget that we have a choice in the matter. But the world becomes so much brighter when you understand that you are not obligated to recognize the authority of the emotions that someone else is ruled by. The interpretation of their words stops where you begin. 

So do it, take a hike! Get lost – might I suggest the alleys of Venice? Have a nice life, with all your might. There is no reason to ignite at those words when every day for the rest of your life won’t include the incendiary force that launched them. That in and of itself is a bountiful nectar to reap.

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