Curious absentia

Until further notice, I will be claiming curious absentia from the source code of my life. I’ll be setting out on my own to demystify the untruths that have harpooned acidic punctures into the fabric of my being. Forget the fables of your yesterdays, it has come to my attention that any likeness of me is bound to be disastrously flawed. Some new information has come to light; the girl’s got gumption. 

How many moonlit paths have I been diverted from by specter embankments? Does it truly take little more than ghost stories to lead me astray? Perhaps the truest me is in tact, in fact. Winding her way to freedom through an ant farm of fictions and myths, where new walls materialize every waking moment. 

I’ve planted my flag upon a humble bluff, in a hill country that brags more fearsome ascents. But the climb needn’t be fierce if the task was believed impossible in the first place. All one needs is a humble bluff, and a flag to plant upon it. May the momentum of my descent into the valley animate the next I will scale. I accept that my journey will sometimes require me to come down before I can rise. And even when the peaks hinder my view of the wide horizon, all I must do is look overhead to know the sun still shines.

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