Troubled waters

In times of trouble, I seek warm waters. Forgiving, endearing embraces from gentle aquatic hands. In times in joy, I seek tender breezes. Crisp winds that tantalize my cheeks with caressing fingers. In times of sadness, I seek thundering showers. Dimly lit clouds to blot out the sun and cleansing rains to disperse the Earth. In times of uncertainty, I seek a well light path. Cloudless, cornflower skies that illuminate a world full of possibilities. In times of love, I seek a spring day. A deliverance of the scent of newfound flowers and freshly grown grass. A promise of life and continuation and renewal. 

In light of all things, there is no time when there is nowhere to turn. There is no fate that the universe could send yet that would leave me obsolete. Even if I were to chance it all and lose it blindly to forces of Earthly thievery, there would be no day when something borne of this world could not provide me a shoulder to rest my weary cheek upon.

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