The blind spot of the human heart

Oh, my heart, a siren to good tidings and bad omens. Calling to me all that is virtuous and sinister, at once. How you lead me, in good faith, toward shores I will surely break up upon. I trust your judgement, and still, it is me splayed out upon the rocks. Such a dangerous gamble, allowing someone to serenade your soul. And yet, it’s a riskier bet all together to live a life in which none may ever ensnare you.

I follow blindly into dark corners of the Earth where rare and tempting things await me. I hope with all my might to leave with my weight in riches. And it’s not an uncommon occurrence. But fool’s gold is rampant around these parts. And I’ve slogged through mountain passes steeper than these for less. I don’t intend to come back this time unless that which glimmers in the darkness there shall too shine in the light.

Here I stand, face full of wind and heart out in offering. I howl absently into the night in anticipation of your arrival. It’s yours for the taking, more easily than you may suspect. It’s tender and tough. Acquiescent and caged. I give it willingly to you, somehow, should you be what it calls for when air in this valley is hushed.

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