Chasing my tail

I hope I run circles around your mind like you do mine. I hope in the busy hours of your day, the fabric of your thoughts is being worn down by my slow and steady orbit. I hope you wonder what I’m doing, like I do you. I hope you muse longingly about our next visit like a sickly sweet waking dream. 

I know that I am not a simple side to be had. I know that I call to be a main dish. Savored and filled up upon without substitution. I know perhaps you’re not used to someone who is willing to say they want more but I do. I hope you do too.

If your presence turns my wallowing drone into a pop song, I’m okay with that. If your touch turns my thoughts abstract, I guess that’s okay too. Maybe I’m not the same around you.

I hear what they all say, about enjoying the wind in my hair while I can. I know that there’s a chance you’re not looking for what I am.

It’s okay if you break my heart, I’m more equipped than most to cope. I’d rather bet it all than hold it close.

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