What big eyes you have

My appetite for life, so large I often take too big a bite. The sickly sweetness of the things I crave in abundance sticking to the roof of my mouth. It’s always once I’m getting exactly what I wanted that I realize that a little less would have sufficed. Our cravings too often outweighing our stomachs for it, we take what we can lest it be yanked away from us, and leave with belly aches.

But that doesn’t mean it lacks enjoyment. Oftentimes the resulting funny tummies and outright distaste for the stuff after the fact is worth the moments of savoring. The little pockets between the adverse reactions that feel wholly satisfying and irreplaceable. And it will never stop us from reaching back for more the moment the flesh memory of our consequences is forgotten. 

I always say that I’m cautious but curious. I measure my exposure to life. My slow movements giving away nothing of my hankering for life’s offerings. I want it all, but I want it delivered. And once I summon the spirit to capture it, I am just a little too indulgent. But I don’t mind living my life from one decadent moment to the next. Biding my time in peaceful alcoves, dreaming of my next tantalizing delight. Cursing myself up, down, and sideways for my extravagance. 

For a creature in constant pursuit of balance, I find myself uncannily capable of summoning extremes. But the indulgences of life are worth having the sickly sweet things stick to the roof of your mouth. You’ll find me time and time again dipping back into the jar of all that life is willing to offer me.

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