Living in willing fear

They tell you to do one thing that scares you everyday. What they don’t tell you is to be afraid. Tremble at the feet of this great thing you’ve laid a gauntlet in front of. It’s okay to stand here, while the sun is still risen, and not know how you are to face it when tomorrow comes. Do it afraid, and let it scare you. Tomorrow brings with it renewed hearts.

The terrifying thing you challenge today will pale in comparison to what you taunt tomorrow. The thing you never would have provoked if you never met what you confronted today. And that’s the trick. Do the thing that frightens you now, and then do something that frightens you even more tomorrow. Breadcrumbs of willfulness that lead you out of the shadows you may very well take shelter in. 

You don’t need to be ready for tomorrow’s battles. You need not even consider them. You’ll never meet the day that you’re prepared for the waves you must eclipse. But you can wade your way through with steady and deliberate strides. Each day you can crest a new current. And one day, you’ll make landfall. Each day that you walked towards a faceless thing that threatened to end you and saw its tail end guided you to a day when you’ve slain all the monsters you must to claim what’s rightfully yours.

There is no easy way to win valuable prizes. But there is a way that is open to all. Its bounties are guaranteed to any who simply keep answering its call.

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