Little lightmakers

The darkness comes too quickly these days. The world escapes my stagnant fingers. The moon drapes her delicate cloak upon the planet while I’m still catching my breath. I’ll simply have to create more light. What other option do I have but to illuminate what I can of my small corner of the world?

I’ll just have to write more words that carve a tunnel to somewhere brighter. I’ll simply have to sing more songs that pierce through twilight. I’ll merely have to love so intentionally that its obscurity won’t take hold. I can’t protest against the fleeing of the sun, so I might as well harness its lifegiving for myself. 

The world turns and it leaves me behind. Scrambling to find some balance upon its ceaseless spinning. The keening it adopts with its back to the sun. A world too soon parted from its warmth. Millions of souls left lamenting for the day, resolved yet to make their own light in their little corners of the Earth, lest it all go dark.

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