A single flame in the darkness

Take courage. You cannot stop what is already in motion, but you can ride out to meet it. You will not slow the ascent of the sun, but you can prepare for its scorch. You won’t know what challenges a fresh day will bring, but you can ready yourself for a fight. Whether or not you choose to meet it on your feet, it will come. Steady and true. Sure as all things. It will arrive as quickly and as slowly as it ever would. That you don’t have a choice in, but what you’ll do when it does is yours to command. 

A fresh canvas, yours for the taking. Perhaps it came punctured or pockmarked. Maybe it’s flawed. But that’s nothing that can’t be covered, reworked, harnessed. The key is to use what you’re given, not to protest it. The more time you spend wallowing in your lot or attempting to tamper with tomorrow’s, you dwindle what you could’ve made something of. Each day that dies with the sun when you don’t use what you have is a setback on your journey. Sometimes it’s designed that way. Don’t let them delay you. Move quickly towards that which you’re destined for, circumstances be damned. They could tear the whole world in two and I will slow not for that thing upon the horizon. 

Hope is the thing they can’t take from you. They cannot instill it and they cannot revoke it. It is forged in the warm dark places of our core, where only magical things are conceived. It is born and fostered and wielded there. Only we can temper its flame. Only we can extinguish it. The one thing they can never take, but are most eager to swindle you out of. Keep an eye on it, as they flash shiny new concerns in front of your face, never let it blow out. The moment they con us out of our hope, the world goes dark. They will have robbed us blind.

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