The dance of invisible things

Imagine what the universe has in the works for you right now. Marvelous little things, dangling from their strings, waiting anxiously to enter the scene. Imagine all the things you cannot see that are being concocted all around you. Set into motion by each decision you heart-thumpingly make, every step you take with baited breath. All the atoms of the ether that you’ve moved in divine sequence to make everything that happens next unfold. 

Right now, the nights grow dark too soon and the days are droning and everlasting. The motions seem thankless and uninspiring. Each evening you push forth and each morning you wake up to a world unchanged. You pour, and you pour, and you pour from your cup, remiss not to simply spill it upon the world in some great, final upheaval. And yet the next day still, you pour. You cannot imagine yet what will be borne of your faith. It is not blind to keep paying your sacrifice to faceless things. What is faith if not a penance to something unseen?

In the nights that grow dark too soon, when you’ve missed the day’s pink tinged farewell, imagine yourself somewhere solid, barefoot, where you can feel the great vibrations of the world. Imagine a tender, doting breeze. Imagine a warm sun and a still core. Someday soon, you’ll reap a bounty from this fastidious thing you feed. Sometimes, it just takes longer for grand things to bloom. Sumptuous petals fall slower than meager ones. Don’t stop now. Each move you make sets the makeup of the universe into motion. Don’t stop now, lest they all still.

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