Good things come

I’ll tell you why positivity is not a feeble endeavor. Your way is lined with cheerleaders, just out of sight. They wait in the wings, they don’t call out at your successes. They watch in silent support, they pray for your good fortune, they smile at your prosperity. It may take them a long time to make themselves known, if they ever do. And you might be surprised at who they are. But one day, they join the chorus of those speaking your name favorably. And you would have never known.

And so it serves you to choose positivity. To air on the side of speculating that others are applauding your weary steps. It’s simpler to assume they hate you, or envy you, or don’t think about you at all. We find evidence easily to support such claims. But it’s more worthwhile to act with the confidence that others are behind you and will shower you with grace when you stumble. And, more often than not, it’s true.

You might be surprised who shows up for you. Imagine all the others who are waiting in the wings.

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