Pitter patter

I don’t mind the passing comments of those whose days have never whiled with mine. I don’t have any regard for the words of people for whom I am at best a vague outline. I make certain not to waste time on the opinions of people I had to evict from my life. In the end, there are so very few people whose commentary warrants consideration to me. And beyond that, even less that will influence my motions. Only I will have to bear the consequences of my actions, or my inactions. I do my best to avoid the ire of others, but I can rest with a mind at ease knowing that every day that I spend on the favorable side of the ground I do what I can to progress my ambitions. Others will talk, and I’m happy for them. So seldom am I patient zero to very interesting hearsay. Let them have their day, let them ruminate over my fascinating choices with a good bottle of wine. Let them tell their tales. When the sun rises on me, I’ll pay them no mind. Having been of sound mind, I can claim the life I’ve built. I harbor no disquiet over the path I’ve forged. I started down it quite aware that it would be uneven. But the views are spectacular and it is carrying me somewhere pleasant. I’ve kept the company of many crossroads and too often took the less inclined route. It’s always led me back to the same delta of indecision. I wasn’t yet ready to take it, now was the right time. And so I feel no unease at the pitter patter of idle chatter. It’s none the same to me.

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