all that is intended for me

What else is there to say besides there is merit in still standing. Some people may have tapped out a lot sooner, many may not have even tried at all. But the only way to here is through. You’re now standing where many cannot reach. Because when your life was an echo chamber of “No”s, you believed you could hear a yes. Because you had the tough conversations, you followed all the tedious steps, you kept doing the next thing and then the next thing. Life is never something to be won. It will require constant tending. But that should never stop you from celebrating the wins. 

Tomorrow will have its own laundry list, but today you should revel in the view from this island. Hallowed ground won through hard fought battles. This land will be the foundation upon which you build your life and plant your groves. Everything will start here. All that you’ll one day have you could trace back to these gains. You may even take it all for granted. The dirt in your wounds and the ache of your muscles will fade. It will feel like we’ve always had it all. And somehow that brings me comfort now, one day this will all be so central to who I am, I will never question that it was intended for me.

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