Fortune’s favor

People are more than willing to spare some of their love if you are even slightly willing to ask. We wrestle with our demons in matches to the death to avoid indisposing someone else. Gracefully, indispose them. Show up on their doorstep with your heart in your hands and ask from just a little bit of their mercy. Watch what happens. Love is not something to hoard away. It is a winged thing that loves to be unleashed. Don’t assign it such a limited role, give it somewhere to go.

There’s no shame in weighing the cost of our weary souls. But it shouldn’t come out higher than the steep sums we’re accruing. If the people in your life charge too high a price for their support, consider alternatives to the off brand. 

Love is the ultimate recyclable. It doesn’t go away, it never dies, it won’t disappear. When a love is lost, it’s simply poured into something else. Don’t approach it as something with a shelf life or a limited run. There is always more to give, there is always more to have.

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