Big eyes, small stomachs

I’ve consumed so much of life recently that I find myself with a belly ache. An over eager child with eyes that are too big, ones that roll at the cautioning against too much of a good thing. I accept, without thought, all that the world is willing to give me. I do more and more and more, simply because I can. But I am here now, with too much to carry and too weary a pair of feet to bear it. Suddenly there’s an unending onslaught from the hole I punched in the universe. Once an avenue for me to reach in and grab what I wanted, it’s become a two way street. Suddenly they can feed me the consequences of my indulgence like a goose being fattened for foie gras.

Fascinating, how addictive the word yes becomes. How we accept the pummeling waves just to ride the high of progress. Perhaps I would have treaded water for eons if only you told me I was going somewhere. I must learn to conserve my energy. To spread out the opening of my arms, just so. To be a humble and willing recipient of what the heavens may dole is a virtue, but no one wishes to become a landfill.

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