Gin-soaked professions

What a beautiful predicament, to be overwhelmed by the goodness of one’s life. To have so much to love that you couldn’t possibly choose. To have too much to be excited for to pick. To have lovers and friends. Family and passion. To have all the things that a person could dream of in abundance. To indulge in life so fully it gives you cavities. To not know which avenue of love on which to turn. What a silly problem. What a foolish world. To fall asleep at night unsure of where to direct your affectations tomorrow. How can I deign to complain? I am thankful beyond measure to live in a world in which my problems are the chewy cores of sugar coated candies. That my woes center around a nucleus of abundance. That my world spins from the sheer weight of all that deserve my essence. Perhaps I couldn’t hope for more than a world that is too sickly sweet for me to enjoy all at once.

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