Time to waste

Funny how as you get older, you wish for more time to waste. How all those hours you threw away getting lost in the worlds of books and movies feel like a far gone luxury. We’re always wishing that the day were longer but I have no desire to cram it with more. Instead, I’d love a little white noise to round out the day. If only the minutes could slow so that I could remark at how lovely it feels to find myself unoccupied.

There’s always something waiting for you. Idle hands seem like a myth of nagging and lore. Your life is not bad, in fact, it’s nothing but good. But it’s so much good you find yourself wishing it might stop. What a strange world. Suddenly you long for a couple spare hours that you could steal for yourself. You wouldn’t use it to get everything done or catch up on life. No, if only there were more time in the day, I would be contented to waste it.

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