on the eve of the equinox

The sun brought a friend today. Its calescent fingertips dance with a hawkish breeze. They take turns kissing the tops of my shoulders like jealous lovers. The freckles on my arms rising with the hair. I feel like a small finch being held between two juxtaposing hands. All at once disagreeable and divine. And I think of you. 

I smile as the gale hurries along the fallen leaves. I smile as the white light brings tears to eyes too accustomed to winter’s umbra. It broadens as I walk along to a contrarient performance of the seasons arguing over party lines. I find a small measure of kinship in knowing that even the Earth finds conflict in its simplest forms, too. And I think of you. 

I’ve long since stopped cursing the wanting ache that meets me in these thoughts. In fact, I have begun to hope it never goes away. It’s a friend whose company I intend to keep. For I’m still smiling as I remember small moments I’ve tucked away to call upon in quiet observation. I find no trouble in keeping my footing as the world bickers around me, my roots feel quite secure in this new Earth. I simply allow the conflict of the forces on my path to brush past as they see fit, and I smile.

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