The most human

Loving is the most worthwhile thing we can do. We aren’t brought into being to win prizes or earn titles or accrue money. But we do come into the world with an innate sense of loving. We seek bonds with everyone around us; our kin, our friends, our lovers. We deepen them, nourish them, we mourn them when they go. It’s the only thing in the world we seek out on our own volition. It’s the only thing we do that is intrinsically human.

And the world benefits from our devotions. We spill it upon the earth in such great propensity that it splashes at the feet of others whose lives are changed by it. The man who talks another man off a ledge. The little girl who stands up for the bullied. The animals behind cages who are liberated and cherished. Our everyday acts of love are capable of repairing devastation. So above being the most natural sense of ourselves, it is the most worthwhile thing you can do.

No other mistakes can you make in your life that are as unregrettable as loving another. I heard once that we can’t choose whether or not to be maimed by life, we can only choose what hurts us. And I like that, I suppose to forfeit love entirely is another pain in and of itself. There is no love, after all, without hurt. The planets would tip on their heads without this fundamental balance of the universe. It needn’t be monumental pain, little things wound us everyday. But there is no way to live life safely. We can only choose the most precious things to devour us sweetly.

But perhaps the thing I love most about love is that we get to choose it. It isn’t something that merely happens to a person. To believe that love moves independently of ourselves is to miss the point entirely. Sometimes love slips away, but really we let go because it wasn’t meant for us. Everyday, people who love each other, and wish to continue doing so, can wake up and find ways to love each other better. The thing I love most about love is the idea that it is something that I can have simply because I want it. It will be so because I choose it. So little is really known about how much power we have in matters as ensnaring as the heart’s. Just don’t let go. Could it be that simple?

And so love is the most worthwhile thing we can do. The most human thing we can do. It is the sweetest source of our agonies. It is the most truly fortunate thing that can come to pass. It is the greatest gift we can give back to our mother planet. And it is something that we can wield, with our exceptionally one-of-a-kind human hearts, should we want it enough.

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